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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Featured FREE Book: Beyond Alpha by Colleen Charles



Sexy East Coast playboy, Nolan Banks, is disturbing my perfectly buttoned-up life. He sleeps with celebrities, jets around the globe and thumbs his nose at the tabloids. 

And every time he gets drunk and photographed with some random harlot claiming she's pregnant with his love child, I get the call. 

Clean it up, Charlie. 

Nolan's mess. 

You see, I'm Charlene de Monaco, Nolan's corporate attorney. 

Then he went and did it. Something so outrageous his daddy can't buy him out of it. I can't even lawyer him out of it. His only hope for redemption is pretending to straighten up and fly right. To act like he's in love with one woman. Committed. Monogamous. 

It's a solid strategy. 

Except for one fatal flaw. 

He picks me. 


During warm-ups, I used to skate to a rap song about having a ton of problems. 

And a b*tch ain't one. 

That's me. 

Because I caught my fiance screwing my own brother. Now they're both dead to me. 

I saw Julia for the first time since college curled up on a chair in my hospital room. She overtook my damaged senses like a fresh tropical breeze. She's lush. Decedent. But there's more ... Julia Wales is successful and kind. 

Nothing like her. 

Not since my injury have I shown a woman my scars. 

Until now. 

And there's no going back. 


Want a bite? 

One sensual bakery 
Two misguided hearts. 
One taste of passion. 


He's perfection--chiseled and sculpted. 
A creation of beauty--that I'd like to taste. 
A small morsel of sensual desire. 
But a man like Gabe Moreno 
Can have any woman he wants, 
Not a woman like me. 

At least that's what I thought-- 
What I believed. 
But I was wrong. 
I had no idea what he was really after 
What he really wanted. 


She's perfection--soft, curvy, and delectable. 
A creation of beauty--that I'd like to explore. 
One taste and I can't get enough. 
But a woman like Allegra Wilson 
Deserves so much more than 
A man like me. 

At least that's what I thought-- 
What I believed. 
But I was wrong. 
I had no idea how she could change me. 
How she could make me into so much more. 

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