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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Featured FREE Book: Dangerous Pasts by Colleen Charles

Closing The Gap 

Hellbent on escaping her past and focusing on her future, Lake Harrison finds solace working with champion Arabian horses, but knows that she needs more in her life than just the equine. So when her long-time crush is up for bid at a charity auction, she goes all in for a date with something that stands on only two legs. 

After all that he's endured, retired NHL player, Josh Adams is only interested in superficial flings and loose women--a lifestyle that suits him just fine. That is until he connects with Lake at a local charity event. Her values and depth of character have him questioning his no-strings-attached rule. But when Lake's past catches up with her and threatens their budding romance, will they have the courage and strength to trust each other or will a madman bent on revenge succeed at closing the gap? 

Song Of The Keys 

Focused only on her career, busy marketing consultant, Summer Harrison, enjoys the rewards of hard work--and playing the field with sexy, eligible bachelors. After all, the days of putting her heart on the line are over. 

Escaping the pain of a past that still haunts him, NHL superstar, Ryan Roberts gave up his skates for playing guitar in his band in the sultry Florida Keys, and fun-loving and fiery Summer Harrison is exactly what's he's looking for. But when Ryan's past resurfaces and tries to destroy them, will two people devoted to casual flings and racy fun, finally find a connection that can chase away the ghosts of the past? 

Stacking The Deck 

Trying to keep her mind off her sexy new patient, physical therapist Christina Lorde tries her luck at online dating. And the mysterious war veteran she connects with just might distract her enough to stop her mind from wandering back to her patient, the irresistible marine biologist who inappropriately occupies her thoughts each night. 

Ben Roberts has to keep focused--walking again is his top priority. But he can't help but think about the hands of the gorgeous physical therapist who works his body over every day and how he'd like them to work him over. Knowing that it can't be more than just a fantasy doesn't stop Ben's slow burn of desire for Christina--even if she has a new man in her life. But when the mystery man becomes obsessive, Ben worries his disability will keep him from protecting her. As the two struggle against the hand they've been dealt, they're bound and determined to uncover who's stacking the deck against them.

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