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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Featured FREE Book: Naomi Travels Vol. 1 by Naomi Hightower

My photography assignments have taken me all over the world (no, seriously, all over the freakin’ world!) and I couldn’t be more grateful. But, besides all of the wonderful sightseeing and experiencing of new cultures, I got to meet a lot of very amazing gentleman. And with these gentleman I had some rather amazing encounters. Naomi Travels Vol. 1 is a collection of some of my steamiest moments with lovers from around the world. Instead of only my friends getting to hear about my adventures, I figured I’d let the whole world in on it. 

So go ahead and grab a copy of Naomi Travels! I’m certain you’ll love it. 

From the author:
Landing my dream job of becoming an international photographer has come with its ups and downs. Things couldn’t be going more smoothly as of now, but back in the day. Wow! What a shit show it was at times. So goes the life of a freelancer… 

Now, no matter how many ‘downs’ there were in comparison to the ‘ups,’ I was never without an interesting story. Because at the end of the day, I got to travel. A lot. (And there’s the title of the book! Pow!) 

Anyway, I’m a big girl… With a big heart… And a uh… big appetite. So some ‘things’ happened on these trips around the world. I had a lot of ‘fun.’ I also ‘enjoyed’ my time with many people I met… Okay, I’ll come right out and say it. I had a lot of great, intense, wonderful sex that sent shivers down my back, made me weak in the knees and had my eyes rolling back like end of The Exorcist.

All of my closest friends got the inside scoop on my romantic trysts. It got to the point where as soon as I came back from a photography assignment across the globe, my friends were waiting with bated breath to hear the stories I had to tell them. Aside from photography, my second passion is storytelling. Instead of only a few friends getting the details of my sexual adventures around the globe… why not the whole world?

And poof! That’s how Naomi Travels came to be…

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