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Monday, 15 August 2016

Top Ten Alternatives to Bookbub

Most authors know the power of Bookbub but they’re also aware of the expense and how hard it is to get a book accepted. Thankfully there are some very strong book promotion sites around that are more affordable and more likely to accept your book. We’ve rounded up the top ten. These all have a decent amount of subscribers and range from around $25 - $100. All of these have good feedback from authors but the top three appear to be the highest performers. Let us know if you try them out and what your experience is!

1. Ereader News Today: 400,000 followers on Facebook, 540 followers on Pinterest

  • Must be: Available on Amazon
  • Free or on sale (unless listed at 99 cents)
  • At least 125 pages
  • Not promoted by them in the last 90 days
  • They will not post erotica or pornography 

2. Booksends: Romance has over 44,000 subscribers, and erotic romance has around 16,000 followers

  • Please differentiate between romance and erotic romance to ensure submission guidelines are followed 
  • Must have at least 5 positive reviews and an attractive cover 

3. Bargain Booksy: The romance genre has just over 100,000 subscribers total

  • Be sure to consult the genre guide to list your book in the right sub genre of romance

4. Genre pulse: up to 100,000 subscribers

  • For paid books they must be $0.99 or under 

5. Read Cheaply: 30-65 thousand subscribers for the romance sub genres

  • If it is erotic in any sense you must select the erotic romance sub genre 
  • Book must be free or discounted by at least 50% 

6. Many Books: 130,000 subscribers

  • They do not feature erotica
  • Must have at least 10 reviews in Amazon that are four stars 
  • Must be free or over 50% discounted 

7. Reading Deals: 35,000 email subscribers, and 120,000 Twitter followers

  • Does not accept erotic materials 
  • Books must have at least 5 reviews with a 4 star average rating 

8. Robin reads: 30,000 subscribers

  • Must be free or $0.99 and a full length book

9.   Romance Reads:65,000 subscribers

  • Must be free or discounted at 50% 
  • Should have at least 15 reviews 

10. I Just Read It: 8,000 email subscribers and 65,000 social media followers

  • Must be free or $0.99 
  • If erotic in nature select the campaign for erotica

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