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Monday, 12 September 2016

Book Spotlight: #99c Quick and Steamy - A Foxxie Quickie Collection by Giuliana Fox

My Consummate Lover 

Melanie is in need of a bit of rest and relaxation after dealing with the daily demands of her high stress job as a customer service phone representative. 
When she finally takes a chance on trying something new—a full-body massage at a newly opened spa—she discovers more than she could have ever bargained for in the hot masseur, Evan. 

Though Melanie finds herself falling hard for the sexy man with expert fingers, she knows he’s way out of her league. But when Melanie decides to act on an impulse to get his attention, will she find that he’s much more within her reach than she’d expected? 

All In A Day's Work 

Juliette wants to take a break from her life as the perfect student and follow her real dream of being an actress. She takes a role as an extra on one of her favorite shows, and finds herself face to face with her hot, longtime television crush. 

Will she be able to get the attention of Vincent, the show's popular lead actor, or will she be forced to return home without even a second glance from the sexy television star? 

Getting Down to Business 

Sharla Lewis, an ambitious sales associate, is caught by surprise when her supervisor insists that she attend a conference for career development purposes. 

And to make matters worse, she's forced to attend with Ian Howard, a coworker who has seemed to have it out for her from her first day on the job. 

Unlikely Desire 

The last thing Gia Thompson expected to discover a month before her wedding, was that her fiancĂ© had created a profile on a dating website. When she decides to use creative means to catch him in the act, their confrontation goes horribly wrong. 

When Anthony Rizzi witnesses their altercation, he can’t help but intervene. But it isn’t long before Anthony finds himself fascinated by Gia--the cute, petite woman he meets that fateful day. Will they discover that desire can arise from the most unlikely of circumstances? 

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