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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Book Spotlight: Starring Tom by Kelana Hyde

They said they only needed him to fill in for them. Just do this favor for them. Just once. 
He agreed. 
An introverted freshman, he didn’t have many friends. They said they would be his friends. If he helped them out. 
He met them at the location. Sweating, nervous. 
They walked in with their video equipment. And the girl. The intriguing caramel girl. 
Maybe it won’t be that bad. Maybe he wouldn’t embarrass himself by throwing up or passing out. Or both. Maybe she could be his friend, too. Stranger things have happened. 
She finally looked at him. Hazel eyes piercing him. A flash of vulnerability followed by a wave of lust. All his insecurities rushed up to choke him as his new friend said the words that changed his life. 
“And action!” 

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