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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Featured FREE Book: Fearless Love by Nikkia Adams

Ava Worthy has temporarily put her life on hold by traveling to Hollywood for a once- in-a-lifetime meeting with Wallstone Pictures, a major movie Production Company. Her goal is to pitch her screenplay, sell it, and finally start her career as a Hollywood Screenwriter. 

Though ambitious, its Ava’s introvert nature and fear of failing that threatens her chances to make all her dreams come true. 

When she meets the production company's CEO's son and Vice President of Development, Douglas Lockhart, it's an instant raw and electric connection with the mysterious bachelor that scares her the most. 

His massive sex appeal and charm distracts her in the most dangerous way, making her question this blue-eyed heart stopper’s arrogant attitude and his true intentions. 

The undeniable sexual tension pushes them both to the limit. She's conflicted. He's frustrated and distant. Both having to confront past heartache. 

Will Ava's fearful nature block her from a life she’s always desired? Or will she give in and fight for herself, finally opening up to the many possibilities of love and purpose?

Fearless Love Excerpt

“What do you mean you’re barefooted?” Vanessa screeches through the cell phone. “And did you say you’re walking in the middle of the street? Where are you?”
I would be half way home if Uber didn’t mysteriously cancel on me. Why did I ever think I could walk down this hill wearing heels? And what’s with the no sidewalks? At least that would be easier to walk on instead of this never ending road.
“I have no choice, there’s nothing but trees on each side of me, and I’ve only passed a few houses. It doesn’t help that I look like I’m homeless walking around Malibu clutching an expensive dress and shoes. I think I’m walking towards the ocean because I can smell it. Maybe I’m more closer to civilization than I thought.”
“Call Doug.”
“No, he’s too busy with that hag.” I continue to walk and try to be thankful for the morning breeze and cool pavement underneath my feet.
“If it was me I would have knocked the spiteful bitch on her ass.”
“Yes, I’m sure you would have.” As I move forward and hook the corner, I’m stopped by a dead end street with a majestic view of the ocean. The sparkling blue water reminds me of Doug’s eyes, which makes me feel even more depressed. “Nessa, last night was so amazing. Now I’m lost, my stomach is in knots, and all I want to do is put this stressful morning behind me.”
“If you’re not calling Doug then I will.”
My phone beeps and I peek at the caller I.D. “Looks like you won’t have to. He’s calling. Hold on.” I take a deep breath and click over. “Hi.”
“Ava, where are you?” He sounds distraught.
“At the end of a street.”
“What street?”
“I don’t know the name. There’s a few trees, a huge cliff  and a view of the Ocean.”
“Do you see a white gate in front of a small path?”
I notice the gate on my left. “Yes.”
“You’re on Cool Oak Way. I’m in my car right up the street from you. Don’t move.”
I’m too embarrassed to respond.
Doug exhales into the phone. “Babe, I almost lost my mind when I realized you were gone. I’ll be there in a few seconds.” He hangs up.
I click back over to Vanessa. “He’s coming to get me.”
“Good. I understand why you left. And I agree, his locks should have been changed a long time ago, but don’t rush to judgment. It’s not like he invited her there. That’s all I’m saying.”
I turn to the sound of Doug’s car approaching. “He’s here.”
“Call me later. I want know what happens.”
“I will.” I hang up the phone and watch Doug park the car a few feet away, and cling onto my clothes a little tighter.
“Young lady are you okay?” I hear a sweet voice ask. To my right a little old lady stands in her front yard against the fence.
I muster up a slight smile. “Yes, mam.” Talk about being embarrassed. I can only imagine what this woman is thinking.
“Just in case, my name is Frannie.”
Doug gets out of the car and walks towards me in a white t–shirt and blue jeans.
I look down and focus on my feet.
He tugs at my arm. “At least my favorite sweats are being put to good use, and I don’t have to worry about you being lost in the Malibu Hills wearing nothing but a dress.”
“I planned to bring your clothes back to you tomorrow at the office.”
“Keep them. I like the way they look on you.”
My eyes continue to linger towards the ground.
He reaches out and gently raises my chin to his. “What were you thinking leaving the house? Where were you going?”
“So the plan was to walk twenty–six miles from Malibu to Culver City?”
“I needed to get out of there.”
“Are you sure this man isn’t bothering you? He seems a little shifty eyed.” I hear the old woman call out.
“Who in the hell is that?”
I offer her a polite wave. “Really mam, I’m fine.” Yup, this awkward moment definitely qualifies as category ten. “That’s Frannie. I guess she lives here and wanted to make sure I’m not being stalked by the shifty eyed man.”
Doug waves at her. “She’s fine, thanks for asking.” He turns back to me. “I feel awful for putting you in that situation, for allowing that thing of an ex of mine to get under my skin. I promise she will never get close to you like that again.”
“If she’s bold enough to break into your house there’s no telling what she’s capable of doing? Do you understand how humiliating it felt to stand there in nothing but a shirt while dodging her insults, then you practically dismissing me in front of her?”
One of my high heels falls to the ground. He picks it up without taking his eyes off of me.
“I can’t stop thinking about the lack of effort to get her out of your life. You could have changed your locks, but you didn’t. The moment you saw her standing in the kitchen, you should have kicked her out, but you didn’t. Instead you chose to argue. You didn’t even notice I left until ten minutes later. I can’t handle this toxic relationship between you two.”
He’s calm and contemplates his next words. “Yes, we had a toxic relationship. And the locks were suppose to be changed a while ago, but honestly it slipped my mind because I’ve been swamped with work. Believe me, I want nothing to do with her.”
“How did you make her leave?”
Doug is hesitant and appears ashamed. “It’s not good.”
“What did you do?”

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