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Monday, 5 September 2016

Featured FREE Book: Women on Top: An Erotic Anthology

“Women on Top: An Erotic Anthology"

5 new authors. 5 erotica short stories. All about women who take the bull by the horns. A collection of some of the best erotica by new authors you'll read this year. Plenty of kink and taboo situations. If you're looking for erotica for women with explicit sex, you've found it. 

“Topping You” by Dr. J

Can another woman top Dane Lewis like Anikka? After losing her, he steps back into a sexuality world and enlists the service of Nicole Henning to find out. Nicole creates an unusual sexual event to move him forward? Does it do the job? 

“Like a Man” by Paige Fieldsted

Olivia has the career of her dreams and no time, or desire for a relationship. She only needs a man for one thing: sex. When her quest for a new lay leads her to Jameson, it turns into a night neither of them will ever forget. 

“Bossy” by Scarlett Stone

In a last-ditch effort to save her marriage, Vanessa Holt and her husband try a month-long couple swap. She is intent on behaving and saving her marriage—that is, until she meets Blake Robinson, her new “husband” for the month. Irritating as he is, he begins to remind her just how good it feels to be bossy… 

“Excited to Work” by RG Kerr

An aggressive girl seduces her nerdy co-worker in the office. After he blows an important presentation, she decides to help him get his mojo back. Told in a fast- paced, he-said/she-said manner, this story will give you plenty to fantasize about at the office. 

“Teaching Him a Lesson” by Dane Luxembre

When Ana receives a present from her boyfriend, she's startled at the price of the gift. She's glad that Willem got promoted at work, but something in her tells her she should let him know that she wouldn't want him squandering money. Perhaps… she should teach him a lesson. 

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