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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Today's Bargain Books

Four couples, seven hot winter nights...
A match made in Wyoming: Four stories by Alexis Anne, Audra North, Julia Kelly, and Alexandra Haughton heat up the page in one sexy anthology.

Undressing Cara by Alexis Anne
Eli Pierce is Seattle’s most eligible bachelor. He’s sexy, rich, arrogant…and completely wrong for Cara Sinclair. But Cara has no idea she’s about to spend a week with the Eli at her friend’s Wyoming lodge. What happens when Cara learns that Eli is a lot more like her dream hero than the man in the tabloids? Can a week in the snow turn two long-distance crushes into true love? There’s One Week in Wyoming to find out!

Off-Piste by Audra North
Leah Christos is about to give up on her dream of becoming a writer because she’s afraid of taking chances. Quitting her job to write full time is simply too risky. Jasper Brandt is looking for excitement to liven up his dull life. He’s the last person that safe-loving Leah should be hooking up with. But when they get together at their friends’ Wyoming lodge, they might end up taking the greatest chance of all…

Seduction in the Snow by Julia Kelly
Lydia Reed’s had her heart stomped on one too many times, so when the gorgeous, glasses-wearing Evan Sullivan winds up at the same Wyoming lodge as her she sees the chance for the a short, hot fling with a definite end date. There’s only one problem: Evan. He might have agreed to their just-for-fun romance, but just a few days with her and he wants more. Now he must convince the headstrong writer that falling for him is worth the risk.

Love is Here to Stay by Alexandra Haughton
Romance writer Callie Emerson can’t resist a good story or a good secret, so when she finds herself more interested in unlocking a surly rancher’s secrets than in making her deadline, she knows she’s in big trouble. Win Carter is too busy resuscitating his family’s legacy to invest time in a relationship, especially one with his sister’s spoiled society friend. And though she has her head in the clouds while his feet are rooted firmly in the ground, maybe one week in Wyoming is all it will take to start writing their own happily ever after.



Sometimes it takes a bad guy to catch a killer...
Belle Nunn is a desperate woman. Someone's following her, watching her--to make even matters worse, she was fired six months ago and hasn't been able to get a job since. Belle's down to her last ten bucks has no idea how she'll make the rent when she's abducted by Dixon Wolf's henchman. Belle's estranged father, Emmett, borrowed money from the Dixie Mafia for his latest get rich quick scheme and--big surprise--Emmett skipped town, leaving her holding the proverbial bag.

Dix is a loan shark and launders dirty Dixie Mafia money. Since his wife died, he's devoted all his time and energy to the organization--and being bad pays damn good. Belle hasn't seen Emmett in years, and she'd like to keep it that way.
The mob boss is taken with her and offers Belle a job, her empty wallet won't allow her to refuse--mob mistress. When Belle's life is in danger, Dix steps into the unlikely role of hero. 

Can Dix save her? And can they have a relationship that isn't based on sex and commerce?


Lola Vasquez has come to Wolf Pass, Wyoming with a plan. She wants to have a successful career as a literary agent & hopes to get several authors in the area to sign on with her. Marriage & a family? Sure. But not for a while. Her career has top priority. Walter Mason also has a plan. He's working hard to build his horse ranch into a successful operation. Married once and badly burned by a scheming, unfaithful woman who ran off with his best ranch hand and all of his money, Walter might bed a woman, but wed her? That isn't in his plans. But what happens to Walter when a Latin beauty named Lola (literally) knocks him off his feet? And what changes might be made in Lola's plans when she runs into (literally) a lone wolf cowboy with a grumpy attitude & poor social skills, but with sex appeal oozing out his pores? Walter & Lola's story is geared toward the true romantics who enjoy books full of love & laughter, ideal for anyone who likes handsome cowboys & happily ever after. 


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