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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Today's Free and Bargain Books


When Emily balked at running away with her childhood sweetheart, Ed, eight years ago, she had no idea he’d disappear from her life. In the years since, she’s managed to push past her pain to open her own business and find love again. Her life feels good, until Ed shows up on her doorstep.

Ed vowed he’d never come back for her. But no matter how many miles, or blondes, he’d put between them, he couldn’t shake her hold on his heart. He’d pictured himself stepping back into her life, but hadn’t counted on her despair over his business or that she’d be pregnant.

Now Ed is fighting both for and against her to win her heart once and for all. But can they find their way back to each other, through years of hurt and with an unexpected baby on the way?


I’m known as LA’s glamorous ‘It’ girl.

I’m all business, all the time and have worked hard to build my makeup company, Lipstick Kisses, into a thriving, multimillion-dollar business.

I have zero time for lust--or love, for that matter.

Today we’re shooting an ad for my lipstick campaign, and in walks Chandler Winslow, LA’s hottest male model.

He’s sexy as sin and drop-dead gorgeous.

He shows up half-dressed, distracting me and any other hot-blooded female within a ten-mile radius.

I know all this bad boy player extraordinaire wants is to get in my panties.


I’m done with love.

Little did I know that the day I step into Lipstick Kisses, will forever change my life.

I’m immediately attracted to the young, beautiful and unattainable owner.

I’m determined to get the sexy and sassy, all-business Miss Russo between the sheets.

Just you watch me.

Can Chandler Winslow, a western boy at heart, break down the walls around the all-business city girl, Nikki’s, heart?

Will this cowboy’s seductive ways wear down Nikki’s defenses and get her to let her hair down for a moment in his arms, a moment in his bed?


Enslaved Earthling Monica just wants to get through another day without being punished by her alien masters. When the warlord Javintore comes to visit Monica is tricked into helping with an assassination plot. Now she could face execution for her alleged crime.

Javintore decides to claim Monica rather than have her killed. He’s intrigued by this pretty human slave who dared to try and kill a Hax-Rah warlord.

Monica fears she’s gone from a bad situation to a worse one. Hax-Rah warlords are notorious, and she’s already gotten on Javintore's bad side.


Life is full of surprises. Sometimes those surprises are wonderful and sometimes they are horrific. Raising her beautiful daughter, Lindsey, on her own with the unending support of her best friend and her husband, Anna was happy. Until one night….she wasn’t.
Tragedy struck, tipping Anna’s world into a downward spiral of despair. Her world turns dark and bleak and she sinks further into depression. Her friends try to pull her out of her misery, but it’s Jacob Caulder that saves her, bringing her back into the light. Life is good again, although memories haunt her. The one missing link to her existence is no longer there, but Jacob helps her along the way, giving her back something she’s lost.
Once again, life rips Anna’s world apart, leaving behind shattered remains. Guilt and shame plague her and it seems impossible for her to crawl out of the deep hole she finds herself in once more. But she has no choice, There is someone else who needs her to be strong. At the darkest time of her life, Zak walks in and becomes the savior she needs. Finding her strength, she overcomes the heartbreak of her past and learns to blossom again.

Will life find another way to bring her to her knees and keep her there once and for all? Or has fate deemed she’s given up enough already?


Malik loves hating Logan… or hates loving Logan. Hell, even he doesn’t know.

Three years ago, Malik met the man of his dreams. Everything stopped for him, so his world could revolve around Logan. Eight months ago, Logan walked away, leaving Malik with one burning question—why?

No man on the planet has ever stolen Logan’s heart the way Malik has. As much as Malik claims he loves Logan, Logan knows the truth. He’ll always come second to Malik’s boxing career, but that’s not why Logan left. He has his reasons, and he can’t share them with Malik. But a love this real and strong, it won’t be denied.

When Malik finally learns the truth, he’ll stop at nothing to win back the man he’s barely surviving without. But even Malik doesn’t know if there are enough words of love to overcome the hatred he’s spewed these past months. When his friend, Ryan, steps in, determined to help, Malik reluctantly accepts. But will Ryan become the glue holding them together, or will he tear them apart?

An up-and-coming fighter, with a marriage on the mend, and a friend who wants in the middle in the most delicious ways… it’s a future Unknown.

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