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Thursday, 29 September 2016

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Best friends, business partners, billionaires. Two men used to getting what they want – until they want the same woman.

Rob Avondale and Liam Bradley are on top of the world – a billion-dollar company, a lifelong friendship, chiseled good looks, and a reputation as some of the city’s most eligible bachelors. They have it all – and they certainly don’t intend to give it up by falling in love.

Especially not with the same woman.

Curvy twenty-something Adelaide Williams is the reigning queen of bad decisions. Fired from her last job and dumped by her fiancĂ©, she’s now determined to make the best of her new temp job as a secretary at Avondale & Bradley. No screw-ups, no mouthing off – and no falling in love with the boss.

And definitely not with two bosses.

Despite their best intentions, Liam and Rob find their feelings for Adelaide deepening, and in a moment of passion, a thrilling new possibility presents itself – one that just might offer up more than any of them have ever dreamed of. But can they convince Addie that being with them is more than just another bad decision?




I don't go from being 'Congressman Casanova' to becoming 'President Pleasure' by being a nice guy. Use 'em and lose 'em is my strategy.

I'm a force of nature and you can bet your last dollar handling one woman should be easy. Even if Ashley is out of this world gorgeous. My directive is simple - keep my end of the bargain and don't fall for the sexy, smart, and sassy angel of a woman who drives me crazy.

If I mess this up, I'll be hunting for apartments because the voters are going to kick me right out of the White House and into the gutter. Why am I so sure? Because she's my stepsister.

I should stay away from him. I should learn from the other women across the world who swooned and still swoon for the billionaire playboy with the body of a Greek God and smirk of a bad boy.

I know better than to fall for the tempting morsel that is Austin Bain like so many others before. I know I need to stay away from his gigantic...airplane. All I need to do is make a deal with the devil. Get a pardon for my client, and then get the hell out of there. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

And whatever else I do, I really have to stop wondering why my panties melt whenever I think him - more specifically, when I think of his hard body right next to mine. When I falter, I only need to remember.... He's my stepbrother.


Andy Martin is completely and utterly at the end of her rope. She is both mother, father, and provider to her infant daughter, Harper. Her family has turned their backs. Her job is nearly non-existent with her inability to make it there. The lack of sleep and lack of faith in humanity is devastating. There is nowhere left to turn for help. Angels come when we least expect them.

Matt Johnson has lived his entire life in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He knows the value of family, duty, and loyalty. It is quite a shock when he finds a screaming baby and its crying mother in an apartment hallway. Something unexplainable draws him forward and coaxes him into her life. All he wants is to ease her burden and show her that people can be trusted. Love has a funny way of showing a person just where they are meant to be and Matt is in for a wild ride. 



Montgomery Lawrence and his wife Kathryn had enjoyed a whirlwind courtship and marriage, which many had nicknamed "The Prince and the Commoner". But now the one-time Hollywood icon and successful businessman is dead, and those closest to him are left to mourn him in shock.

His friends and family gather at his wake and remember him. They know that Monte’s public face and private one were not the same. His fondness for Scotch had all but destroyed his 20-year marriage to Kathryn and he had become mean-tempered and verbally abusive, although never violent.

Kathryn’s faith in God and that fact she felt she had to honor the marriage vows in both good and bad times kept her with Monte longer than she should have stayed. Her walking out on him unleashed a vortex of emotion and events that changed the course of her marriage and her life.

Russ, his business partner and best friend, also harbors a secret. He is in love with Kathryn, but now that the door is open he is hesitant. The time isn’t right. It’s too soon. He knows that he needs to be patient and be there for Kathryn and Grayson.

Meanwhile Kathryn’s house keeper and confidant, Anna, has guessed that Russ is in love with Kathryn. Can she keep his secret or will she let it slip? She has a secret of her own to confide when the time is right.

And what of Grayson, Monte and Kathryn’s son, who is a freshman at Ohio State University? Gray and his father were close. How will he deal with the loss of his father? Will he turn to alcohol or something equally as addictive? Or will he grow up faster because of it?

Now each of them must deal with the aftermath of Monte's death and what it means for their lives now.

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