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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Today's 99c Books


What’s a girl to do when she’s attacked? Why, let a fierce Warrior save her, of course.

Mia was always in control until one fateful night. She feels lost and confused, not to mention pissed off when she received some unwanted attention at her department Christmas party. It was supposed to be the one night of fun she had before facing the long winter holiday break all alone.

Turbo, a Freyodin Warrior, chosen by the Gods for his extraordinary honor, bravery and supreme sacrifice, is just out for a bit of fun and relaxation at a private club. He’s restless and has a need to fill but can’t quite find the solution to ending the emptiness that plagues him.
A terrifying scream causes their paths to come crashing into one another. A night of unexpected passion proves that there just might be some hope for each of them after all and new Christmas memories to share. Maybe they just might save each other.


Some people in her small community think Ellen Hamilton, business savvy daughter of the town’s largest employer, is too big for her britches. After all it’s the 1950s when women have no place in running corporations. When the company is threatened with takeover by John, who broke her heart and betrayed her family business years ago, she’s determined to stop at nothing to win.

Ruggedly handsome John Adair has returned to the town that tried to destroy him with false accusations of corporate espionage. What truly hurt him was Ellen, the woman he loved, believed the allegations. However, that was the past. His return is for one reason only, business. But will he remember it when gazing into Ellen's enticing eyes or when intoxicated by the aroma of jasmine whenever she is near?

Sparks fly when these two headstrong individuals meet again and find themselves tempted by The Sweetheart Deal.


NYT and USA Today author Suzanne Rock writes an Ecstasy Spa prequel where an impulsive gesture leads two lonely souls to a hot encounter and a new beginning.

Stuck in a dead-end relationship with a guy who cared more about image than feelings, Theo Nash knew that he couldn’t keep living his life for others. Something had to change, but after burning bridges with his friends and family over his bisexuality, he lacked the motivation to shed his boyfriend and begin life anew. In utter despair, he spends New Year’s Eve at his boyfriend’s bar, drinking away his sorrows. Then Celeste Pinard steps into his life, and suddenly he finds the strength of will to become the man he was meant to be.

Humiliated by her former boyfriends, Celeste flees to America in hopes of starting over. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and this feisty entrepreneur ends up dancing for men who love her body more than her mind. Desperate to live life on her own terms, she performs an impulsive act with a man she barely knows, and the results end up being more than she ever dreamed possible.

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