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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Today's Free and Bargain Books



     War. It destroyed everything Lizzie ever loved and held dear. It took her family and friends. It took her hometown. The bombings and the raids claimed the lives of everyone around her. And in the midst of all the destruction and chaos, amid the death and carnage, one man stood out. A man she had met only once, who stole her heart and claimed it for his own.
     Lizzie swore never to fall in love. She made a vow, of blood and vengeance, a promise of revenge. She would do everything in her power to take down the militia and end the war, anything to make the men responsible for her family's horrific death pay the ultimate price.

     In the midst of all the fighting, and all the reckless nights, she comes face to face with the man she thought perished all those years ago. In an instant her heart is captured and held immobile by a pair of silvery grey eyes that haunt her dreams and her past.
     Fighting on opposite sides of the war, Alec and Lizzie must find a way to survive against an enemy that wants nothing more than to annihilate everything they stand for. Passion filled nights and dangerous days lead them to the inevitable conclusion, where love, commitment, and sacrifice may be the only way for them to survive.



You're either going to love or hate this book - maybe even both...

WARNING: This book contains dark and disturbing themes, strong language and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers!

Author's note:

This book turned out to be a highly unusual and experimental project for me. Usually, I stay away from some of the major themes that actually ended up becoming the fundamental building blocks of this book.

No matter how hard I tried to write it differently, I always ended up pounding my head against the keyboard. After dozens of failed attempts, I decided that I simply had to tell the story as it came to me, unfiltered, putting all fear of other people's expectations behind me.

This is a dark story about love and revenge, but it’s also a story about absolution.

If you do decide to get it, you can expect one thing: to be emotionally drained by the time you reach the end. I know I was...

And remember, no matter how dark it seems, this book does come with a HEA.



Several years after a tragic event, Samantha still finds herself unable to get close to others. The slightest bump into someone makes her cringe and she avoids handshakes as much as possible. She can't even touch her close friends and family. It seems she will never be able to overcome that terrible, life-changing day. Until one day, she sees a man that may change everything for her. This man seems so familiar and without even thinking it through she has an undeniable urge to touch him. Where does she know him from?
Will this handsome stranger be able to help her to become the person she was before?

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