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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Today's Recommended Reads

He came looking for a ghost. Instead, he found a girl. 

Tucker Boone is a war-hardened Marine on a ghost hunt. Fresh out of the corps, Tucker learns he has a missing half-sister, Maddy. The only clue to her whereabouts is a cryptic note…I’ve gone Mad, Mags. Tucker agrees to search for her and heads to Ocracoke, North Carolina where a ghost named Mad Mags is said to haunt the ancient graveyards dotting the island.

The note doesn’t bring him any closer to finding Maddy, but it does offer him a diversion to the doldrums of civilian life— his new island neighbor, Josie McCoy. Tucker is drawn to her quiet spirit. There’s something special about Josie…a connection he can’t quite explain.

By summer’s end, he’s mixed up in deception, murder, and the love of a lifetime. Logic tells him to head home and forget the truths he found on the island. But can he walk away? Josie offers him more than love; she offers him hope. When the clues pile up and it looks like she can never be the girl for him, he has to make a choice- play it safe and break her heart, or risk everything for a chance at being swept away.

Ambitious and insightful, Gabby DiVirgilio only has one thing standing in the way of her climbing the corporate ladder: her new business partner, Lucas McCarthy. He's arrogant and dismissive, driving her mad with his sexy Irish accent in every possible way.

Recently promoted to the executive ranks, Lucas must prove that he’s the right man for the job. He never expected that the HR professional he’d be forced to work with on a daily basis would be gorgeous, challenging and smart as hell. He’s not the type to accept help from anyone, especially not a bubbly, policy-enforcer that he’d rather bend over his desk. Never one to lose focus, Lucas avoids Gabby at all costs until circumventing her becomes career suicide.

Fraternizing in the workplace is strictly prohibited and neither one of them are willing to break the rules. But with their undeniable chemistry about to ignite, Lucas and Gabby must decide which consequence is worse – combusting from sexual frustration or violating company policy.

Three years ago Gabrielle Tanner was in love, but fear of rejection kept her silent. How could she tell her best friend that he'd stolen her heart? Especially when their friendship was coming to an end.

Three years ago Jayson Adams lost his best friend when she moved half way across the country, shattering his world. He spent months in a deep depression, cursing the universe for ripping her away from him so cruelly. 

When their worlds collide again, old wounds are torn open.

Gabrielle fights against a one sided love, forced to watch the man she desires in the arms of another.

Jayson, on the other hand, is determined to hold onto his friend this time, even if it means denying his heart what it truly wants.


Glory is a curvy woman with a lot of sex appeal who runs a successful coffee shop. The only problem in her life is that she is unlucky in love. She hasn't been with a man in six months since her boyfriend cruelly dumped her for his yoga instructor. 

Desperate, Glory 'swipes right' only to be stood up at an upscale restaurant. But, Trey Donovan, the sexy werepanther owner of the restaurant notices sensual Glory and is drawn to her.

When Trey and Glory are set up on a blind date, sparks fly. But is Trey mated to the gorgeous Marion? She is also werepanther and she certainly seems to think so. 
Glory can't stay away from Trey but soon she starts to wonder is there’s more to their sizzling romance than just the late night growls of a panther and euphoric moans of its mate…

Will fate allow them enough time to deepen their relationship, or will a jealous ex-lover from Trey's past manage to derail the whole thing? 

It’s just a matter of time before Trey teaches Glory what it truly means submit to the panther! 

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