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Friday, 18 November 2016

Today's Free and Bargan Books

Jen wanted Darrell, and wanted him badly. Moreover, she knew that he had the hots for her as well. So why wasn't her paying her any attention?

Darrell liked Jen, but dating her would entail certain...complications, and he liked his relationships worry-free.

One night will see these two come together and ultimately lead them to places they couldn't have imagined.
In this five-book series, explore the lives, lies, and loves of each member of the Decker family as they learn the hardest lessons in life: Nothing is guaranteed; everything is unexpected.
All Cassidy Moore wanted to do was support her little lingerie boutique by selling a few sex toys to boost her profits. But the local Tory Member of Parliament is gunning for her and the Small Business Association don’t approve either. Everyone appears to be against her. That is until she meets the new comic books store owner. Handsome, rich and kinda geek chic, Gavin Wallace seems to have it going on, and he tells her he’s on her side. They really hit it off.

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