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Monday, 6 February 2017

Book Spotlight: #99c Addictarium by Nicole D'Settēmi

When wild-child, and south Florida escapee, Danielle Martino finds herself curled in a ball on the cold tile floors of her filthy rank bathroom in the tiny studio she rents with her fiancé and partner-in-crime, she knows it's time to quit abusing heroin. Severely impaired from shooting a bad batch of black tar heroin, and already partially blind from the infection that the muddy poison has caused, she is forced to hitch a greyhound bus to New York City, and to abandon her care-free, American-bohemian, drug infested life-style.
Hailed everywhere as a beautiful, unique, honest, raw and poetic account of recovery, Addictarium takes readers on a compelling journey through the life and eyes of the narrator, a creative, nomadic, deep but incidentally broken young women, and underlines the contributing factors to what it's really like to suffer from addiction, and the fight one must put forth to maintain sobriety,

For Danielle the question becomes what IS the cost of sobriety? She witnesses and becomes involved in a slew of traumatic events at her long-term recovery center, proving that treatment is more than just shaking off the initial addiction and want to use. As she witnesses her best friend pimped out and back on the needle, engages in toxic love and sexual relationships, stabs herself while jamming acid down her throat, and continues on a road to habitual self destruction, finally the time comes when Danielle must decide whether or not she wants to live. Addictarium highlights in the starkest of lights, why it is so difficult for addicts to receive the recovery they seek, when they finally do decide to put the drug down.

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