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Friday, 24 February 2017

Today's KU Books

 Could you marry an uncongenial person you only met for the first time two days before your wedding? Evaline wants nothing more than to stop the arranged marriage, and tries to think of an idea that can save her from despair. On the big day itself, Owen considers leaving the back door of the chapel. How can a marriage possibly survive when there is no love between these two? What will the future hold when it’s frankly just A Marriage Made In Hope?
Read Surrendered Control, then get the sequel, Divided  Control now. Six months after her split from James, Amy has changed the club beyond all recognition and it is now a dance school. She has achieved something for herself at last. However, is she living life or existing in denial about using her safe word. James has recovered from the physical injuries of that night but has he learnt his lesson about the irrepressible need to control. He  may have done it for the right reasons, but Amy is not an ordinary girl, she won't lay down and be his submissive 24/7. Divided Control is the sequel to Surrendered Control; it takes you on the next part of  Amy and James' journey. Though a holiday to Las  Vegas and a visit to a  BDSM club, a trip to Yorkshire for a wedding and a figure James' had hoped to keep away from his family returning; Divided Control will take you on a wild journey and test your emotions to the maximum. Are you ready to step into the world of Control?
The Heart Blade will rise in light, or in darkness.

Teenage half-demon Del Raven wears a promise in scarred letters upon her skin. Now, pressured to make her first kill and seal her demon nature forever, she flees her pack and forges a dangerous partnership with young angel-blood Ash.

But Del isn't the only one on the run from the demons. For seventeen years the Guild of Saint Peter has done its best to hide orphan Rose, a key player in the centuries-old Heart Blade prophecy.

The threads tangle, and soon Del, Ash and Rose find themselves in the crosshairs of an ancient war between demons and angels... and the hunt for a mythical weapon that could change the balance of power forever.

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