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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Book Spotlight: #99c Misguided Control by Anna Edwards

Control isn’t always what it seems. 
What do you see Marie Easton as? The jealous secretary whose desire for her boss 
turns her into a lustful bimbo. Appearances can be deceiving though as new finance 
director Callum Thatcher is about to find out. Can he help her see the true person 
behind the mask she wears and how beautiful she is? Or will his attentions lead her 
down a path she never thought she would go? 
And what about Callum? Is he the boring Accountant that you expect him to be? Or 
does he hide a secret that nobody ever expected, least of all Marie. 
With a trip to Rome, and a journey to the dark side of London. Misguided Control 
with take you on a love affair born out of the fiery pains of hell. 
Novel contains dark storylines, hot sex with elements of BDSM and a dramatic 
conclusion. You have been warned.

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