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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Book Spotlight: Appropriated Bride by Yamila Abraham

Newly conquered slave Mina tricked her masters into transferring her from a nasty factory to a cozy mansion. Her scheme is discovered during a gathering of Haraden warriors at her master's home. Instead of sending her back to the factory her master wants to appropriate her as a bride for his warlord brother.

Mina would rather go back to exhaustion and starvation than marry one of her murderous enslavers. Thankfully they signed a treaty with an Alliance that ensures they don't force female slaves into becoming war brides. Mina swears she'll scream to the first Alliance robot she sees if any Haraden touches her.

General Elentor has an opportunity. Returning to his warship with a bride will make it look like the emperor has given him a gift and approves of his controversial direction for the Haraden flagship. It's his only chance to get control over a mutinous group of soldiers who want to destroy their agreement with the Alliance. This feisty angry slave woman must belong to him.

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