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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Featured Book: Timeless Hearts by Anna Rose Leigh

Book 3 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Romance Series

For some people love is within arms-length. But for others, it’s eras away.

Jesse Landers is a protector at heart. When tragedy strikes close to home, he promises to avenge the person responsible for the disappearance of someone he loves dearly. However, he soon realizes revenge comes at a high price. When his destructive life catches up to him, his only escape may be through time. 

Doctor Abagail Simmons is dealing with her own loss and must somehow, muster up the strength and courage to fulfill her father’s last wishes. Things are quickly spiraling out of control when a peculiar stranger shows up and seemingly, makes things better, until he reveals his truth. 

When two strangers are brought together under unlikely circumstances, will love be forth coming? Or, could undisclosed facts claim their happy ever after?

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